Hugnir Dimzadsson

Dwarven master of Local 05472. Stout and quiet, Scarred-Helm has been around the stone block a number of times and his helmet has taken the hits to prove it.


A row of helmets line the wall behind the bar. These all belong to the Guild Master Hugnir “Scarred-Helm” Dimzadsson. Each is cracked, dented, or shorn in some fashion and a hearty battle story to go with it. Some can even be matched to the scars visible on his face. Firey-red hair with a few streaks of white showing tell the tale of hard battles won and a signal to the foolish upstarts to take heed of the Guild rules and listen when something is said.
On the few occasions he joins the rabble, however, the piercing steel eyes deepen with his cups into mires of mirth daring those around him to play a game of stakes with him.


Hugnir Dimzadsson

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