Sszintra Baenlyl

A charming elven wanderer with a dark secret...or ten


A ruggedly handsome elf with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears ringmail and carries a longsword, a small shield and a composite longbow. He has a ready smile, and a twinkle in his eyes. The very image of a charming, slightly roguish mercenary warrior.


Sszintra grew up in a (for a cult dedicated to an evil gawd) large religious community. His father was a Zealot of Arnuya, his mother an Assassin. His 3 dead sisters were killed by family rivals in a long-standing feud. He and his remaining sisters made sure the favor was returned, though the feud continues. His brother, during his rebellious 80s stage, ran away from home to become a LG Cavalier, rejecting the family business. The family hasn’t heard from him since, but it can be assumed any reunion will be tense.

As the firstborn, he was slated to become a Zealot like his father, though his aptitude for devotions was only passable at best. However, Arnuya had other plans, and he was Chosen to be one of her Champions in the world. He’s not really sure what that entails, as she didn’t so much “speak to him directly” as “brand him with her symbol” His priest told him to go out in the world and he would find the correct path eventually. Something about it “not being any fun if he knew the destination from the start.” He’s also not sure who it’s supposed to be fun for. Still, he does have an itch for travel, so along with his trusty horse, “Silk,” off he goes into the wide world!

His 2 devoted sisters are both still in training, but will graduate soon, and so might join him later as possible protégées or such. His first sister is a puppetmaster, the second, who has a normal relationship with him, is a thief, and the third has yet to be determined. She may be a half-elf Charlatan, that could be fun.

Sszintra Baenlyl

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