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  • Blood Oath

    This is an oath sworn by your [[Honor]]. [[Honor]] is of core importance to every intelligent being on the realm. Acting with enough [[Honor]] gains you privileges above others and acting without it...well, sooner or later everyone gets what's …

  • Individual Honor

    [[Local 05472 | The Guild]] | [[Honor | Honor]] Honor starts with averaging all your stats and adjusting for family/clan/status and other Priors and Particulars. You can earn more or lose it depending on actions. [[Alignment]] dictates what choices …

  • Honor Purge

    [[Local 05472 | Local 05472]] | [[Honor | Honor]]

    Honor Purge


    As long as you haven't resorted to this life-alter(often death-altering) during your current level of experience, and you have at least a 1% chance …

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