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This does not dictate a character actions but should be a filter on how you interpret the world around you.

Law believes in an orderly, strong society with well-organized government working to better the majority. Quality of life is obtained through laws and one’s obedience to them. The needs(or maybe wants depending on Good/Evil) of the many out weigh the needs of the few/individual. Rules for everything and everything has a rule.

Chaos is not random stupid. It is me for me. The individual over the masses. Liberty of self and the freedom to pursue whatever ones heart wishes as it wishes. Any attempt at confining with rules is met with a heavy dose of, how long until this hampers me?

Good is willing to go out of it’s way to avoid hurting others needlessly. It’s also interested in righting the wrongs of others.

Evil is willing to go out of it’s way to make others suffer. It is only interested in righting wrongs against itself if it feels it can get away with it unless righting your wrong will mean you owe it for as much as it can milk it.

Neutral can go either way or it just doesn’t care enough to do either like nature doesn’t care when a tree falls on you.

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