Individual Honor

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Honor starts with averaging all your stats and adjusting for family/clan/status and other Priors and Particulars.

You can earn more or lose it depending on actions. Alignment dictates what choices you’ll consider. Honor is how you choose to the one to go with.
You can spend 10pts at a time to add your Honor Die to any combat, saving, or skill check roll. Must declare this(and how many) before the actual roll.
(You can squeeze out part of an extra die in emergencies with 1-9 Honor points = 10-90% of your Honor Die)

Great Honor nets you +5% EP awards, +1 to all die rolls, and 10% discount on new and skill advancement costs.
Also nets you a legal Mulligan(free re-roll) per game session. Usable for any roll(pre-results determined)(on-line timing to be determined).

Dishonorable nets you-10% EP penalty, -1 to all die rolls, and a 10% premium on all training and/or fees to advance in level.

Gaining Honor is doable in several ways:

  1. Honor Duels: Declare proudly a Duel of Honor: The target can refuse but you gain some of his Honor. Accepts you engage in combat. First to yield or drop loses and victor gets an Honor % from the loser.
  2. Counting Coup: While fighting a superior armed opponent you merely tap with non-damaging strikes. Each strike adds to your Honor. If he kills you with no witnesses, he regains all his Honor immediately and you’re dead. If there are witnesses, his Honor loss remains but you lose the Honor you gained…and you’re still dead(stupidity, in this case, trumps bravery).
  3. Admonishment: When wronged, confront the wrong-doer. Immediate Honor Check modified by your own Honor Die. Failure-You gain 10% of his Honor. A successful Apology reverses this.
  4. Open Competition(AKA Street Rules): Pretty much anything goes that you can do to cause the target embarrassment. You gain 1point of Honor for every 2 points taken. You can be Admonished if found out or can be retaliated against via Honor Duel or Street Rules used against you.
  5. Normal actions taken during play judged by your alignment and pre-set tables of actions.(All Alignments can gain Honor for going up in Level or Social Class-some Evil actions will increase Honor for Evil characters while penalizing Good Characters and not effect Neutral Characters at all).

Individual Honor

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