Session 3

Session 3

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Getting up, the trio of something resembling heroes in our story, begin to explore the outer keep area. Turns out they spent their rest time next door to a barracks room. The next room was the blacksmith, weapons and armor store room which contained a passage to the interior of the outer wall to access the murder holes.
The opposite side of the outer keep held a store room, another barracks and the stables. The stables still held the remains of the keeps’ horses.
Making their way into the keep by way of the servants entry by the armory, there was a passage into the inner keeps wall accessing the inner most murder holes. Turning back to the doorway, the first of the rooms from this entrance was a massive firewood room. A door on the left and a passage stood side by side. Choosing the door the team goes down a hallway, another door, and lo, the kitchen area. Dried herbs still hanging from the ceiling and storage barrels remain intact. Going down an identical hallway, there are a few rooms for servants. There are a few meager belongings here which are pilfered.
Turning around, the previous hallway mirrors the original one. This time, with no where else to go, they head into the passage and move past the heavy tapestry hiding the hall.
The stench of this room assaults them as they move in. This is the keeps grand hall, as much as it can be. The low ceiling of the entire first floor reduces the capacity for grandeur. Looking around this mostly square room is set as a diamond inside the greater square shaped inner keep walls. Between this hallway and the one across the room(the one from the firewood room) is a raise platform with a large table with individual chairs. This was obviously the head of the keeps dining table. There are two sets of stairs behind the platform.
Around the rest of the room are another 10 table with benches, 5 on either side of the room from the raised platform to the back of the hall where the main entry gates are. Seated at all the tables occupying all the chairs and benches are skeletal remains of the keeps occupants in full regalia. Everything from the occupants to the food remains are long dried out beyond recognition.
What remains to be the source of the potent stench is the pile of much fresher corpses piled in the middle of the room on what was a 8×8′ fire pit.
Poking at the pile quickly revealed 5 zombies. This time Gart’s Turning kept 2 of them at bay while the heavies swatted around the leftover 3. Finally a mop up of the last 2.
Opportunity leads to the many skeletal bodies being relieved of jewelry.
Heading upstairs, exploration turns up several rooms. The first of which is possibly a prince’s or maybe the right hand of the ruler. A variety of seals, rings, necklaces, and silk finery are collected.
The next room is the center most room. A massive bed with an even larger fur pelt under it are the center pieces to this room. The room is positioned in such a way that a hole in the floor is directly above the fire pit below with a semi-free standing smoke shelf coming out of the wall with a smoke chamber above to keep the smoke headed up and out.
There is splattered blood all around the hole in the floor.
Portraits adorn three of the walls where massive bureaus and armories take up the space. The wall the door is on holds a number of decorative weapons displays. Even greater amounts of finery is pilfered from this room. An extra large sack is fashioned from one of the large sheets.

The windows of this level are covered in the all encompassing dirt.
Heavily laden with treasures, they head up to the third level to find it’s probably just a watch tower above the rest of the keep. It’s about a 10×10′ area. Two windows per wall, one of which is devoid of dirt and has a trail of dried blood coming from the tunnel to the hole in the floor. Looking down, one can see the bedroom floor down the chimney space and the top of the corpse pile at the bottom.
An ancient ladder is laying to the side. Looking at the low ceiling here, there is another hole in the corner above the ladder. Hoisting the gnome up, there is a stone room hidden above the wood ceiling. A 5×5′ room is up here. All 6 sides of the room(4+floor and ceiling) are covered in runes and possible mystical/alchemy circles. In the very center of the floor is a 1×1×3′ tall alter with a tiny stand on it. Held by the stand is a vaguely glowing jewel. It’s a sickly green.

It’s decided to leave this alone.

Taking the treasure already collected. It’s decided to head out the tunnel. Wandering around some more dirt tunnels, the dwarf and gnome feel their way upwards when they eventually run into 6 goblins. A brief battle ensures with the goblins morale breaking and run off in less than 30 seconds. Throb pursues, mangles the first, leaves the 0hp and fatigued 2nd one for Manver to obliterate, and as Content Not Found: Throb bursts into the sewer system behind the last of the goblins, cleaves it into pieces thrice.

Having returned to the city sewer system, it wasn’t much to find a way out, gain their bearings to the city and head back to the general direction of the keep.

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Session 3

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