Session 4

Session 4

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Easily finding their way back through the city to the Guild, Hugnir Dimzadsson gives them a quick run down on options for dealing with the massive amount of valuables they brought with them.

With a large nest egg of cash behind them, the group trains to level 2 and heals over the next week, and after purchasing a brand new, big new fancy hat, Content Not Found: Throb exits to wander the town in search of bar brawls and band mates to try his hand at following daddy’s lead as a famous war drummer.

Scarred-Helm introduces Manver and Gart to two other newish members of the guild, Sszintra Baenlyl and Content Not Found: shosondi_, to go and explore more of the ruins as well as introducing them to _Content Not Found: Romano-Mabbot, a fine scholar of the arcane for purposes of investigating and possibly interpreting the arcane runes surrounding the glowing green orb.

After killing a poor sewer cleaner(a gelatinous cube who was digesting some of the goblins), and leaving Content Not Found: Romano-Mabbot to his one-minded scribblings and notations in the tower top, the journey into more of the city continues.

A two towered gate in the middle of a river divides the path to a more upscale area and a building is busted into. Turns out to be an inn with 4 of its 6 rooms occupied by skeletal remains. After rooting about the place, the team starts to walk out as they hear sounds inside….and the skeletal remains are coming after them.

Session 5

Session 4

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