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Obsidian Portal will be the repository for all static game related materials. Records, journal entries, logs, persons of interest, information on places visited, the current MacGuffin of Thingy-M’Jig etc.

For things of a more away from table In Character (IC) type things will be for that. I have the game set as an “Adult” game so there’s a lot of leeway on what can be posted there. Essentially, no sex with minors regardless of lifetime so… no sex for the pixie fairies(Adult policy updated). You can get pretty descriptive with gore and violence there but it isn’t for acting out personal fantasies. Everything is spelled out in the user terms there and please use your real birth date or something close or at least one that you’ll remember that puts you over 18. Need that to get in the game there.

Posting behavior for RPOL here. Probably going to be most useful for doing leveling, party down time, separated party members, filling in back story and other such things.

At best, I’ll probably be free to run one of these a month as I’ll be working every few weekends scheduled in the early afternoon into the evenings. Use the forums here to list out ideas for the campaign, your characters, or other various things you may want to see/do or things you absolutely don’t want to see/do in a game.

1- No child rape.

Table Rules

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