The Adventure so Far

Session 1

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Our adventurers arrive as complete nubs to the city of Podosdex. They happen upon each other as they make their way individually to the local Adventure Guild.

A brief conversation with Hugnir Dimzadsson, better known as Scarred-Helm, and a letter of recommendation from each from their respective masters, gains them entry into the guilds membership as junior members.
A round of gut bruises solidifies the deal.

Hungry for work, the adventurers follow Scarred Helm up to the second floor where there’s a bulletin board of jobs. Being offered either a sewer investigation of screams or a Graveyard watch for defines, the two Odin followers opted for the temple of Odin graveyard case.

Time was killed wandering a bit of the city for food and then a bit more once at the temple where Melvin Fiddler was more than happy and hospitable to the new arrivals, not for the least of reasons being a fellow followers.

Night came as it always does, but not until the team had investigated and secured the graveyard. Night watch were set and it wasn’t into the deepest parts of the night that three interoperability made their way into and through the graveyard.

Detecting that one of the three wasn’t a true living humanoid and (the shovels didn’t hurt this reasoning) they were up to no good, the team attacked.

Despite the stench of the one, the team dodged most of the attacks and came away mostly unharmed though it was still clear they were a bit green as there were some self-inflicted wounds and a flung short sword. Despite this, they proved more competent than the enemies as the strongest of them seemed unable to even touch them.

Dawn came not too far behind this victory and with it, the ability to see colors and a tattoo each of the two men and the ghast had. A sun being eclipsed by a skull.

A short investigation showed an entry into the sewers inside one of the mausoleums.

It was decided to head back to the guild first, turn in the job ticket, get paid, and after some more rest, head into the sewers on the screams quest.

Session 2

The Adventure so Far

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