Full membership

You pay out of pocket:

  • For your nice things.
  • At least one form of activity that brings Guild profit in a week.

Probably don’t need if no change is made/needed/not expired:

Still maintain all other boons such as discounts at various vendors.
You can take a loan from the Guild on an approval with a x5 payback.
You can borrow items from the Guild on a 20% fee. Half is returned less cost of usage. Any cost not covered is converted to a loan subject to the 5x repayment terms. Items can be bought outright from the Guild at a discount comparable to vendors. Normal pricing policies apply.

Guild dues:

  1. 100gp a week(basic room/board, tabs are kept and overages collected)
  2. an equal share of value found(as an additional full member of the party)
  3. Still resting from last Guild covered adventure

Full membership

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