Local 05472

Headed by Hugnir “Scarred-Helm” Dimzadsson, Adventurer’s Guild Local 05472 has had a pretty good run in the last few years. When you came in through the doors for the first time, you were tempted to step back out and check the sign again. No, this was indeed the correct place.

Three steps lead down off the street into a odd smelling bar hall. Dim lighting makes everyone pause a moment. Low soot covered ceilings make the tallest of demi-humans stoop for fear of banging their heads on the beams though there probably is just enough clearance. A full length bar proudly sits along the far wall with a dozen tables scattered about the room some round and others rectangular….ish.

More often than not the room has more occupants than would seem to be safe for any number of reasons(spicy chili night’s being one of them) and has a habit of making even pixie-fairies feel a bit claustrophobic. Off to the left of the bar is a stair case up to the next floor(never settled bets over if the bar is the first floor or a half-assed basement and the floor above is the first are still on-going).
Here is lower administration. One big floor of scroll rollers and quill scribblers. If it’s of the least importance to anyone at all, it’s here. Easy clearance ten foot ceilings here, floor to ceiling scroll shelves. Back across the building to the front, in the middle of the wall is a giant bulletin board. This is where the low of the low assignments go. Unless someone gives you a job(that’s probably lesser than these), here is where the source of your income will be. As it was explained to you:

  • Customer comes with a job and a contract is made.
  • You take a bounty sheet from the board or given to you, go to the client and/or just do the work.
  • Customer marks the sheet.
  • You return with your copy and if the marks match enough you get your pay.

This can be pretty beneficial arrangement for you. You get a decent set of equipment and access to guild prices at various vendors in the area. The Guild also covers adventuring fees, taxes, and paperwork – Probation Membership. The Guild gets 10x it’s investment out of you before you earn Full membership.

You’ve sworn a Blood Oath to general loyalty to the Guild and a Gawd Oath to a Guild Party Charter.

This is where it all begins.

Local 05472

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